Submit work or news to Interior Designist

All of us at Interior Designist are very passionate about interior design and architecture. We understand the incredible amount of effort and time that goes into even the smallest of projects.

But we can’t post all of the submissions we receive. If we did, the site would quickly be overloaded with a disparate array of projects and ultimately not be inspiring or curated.
We’ve developed a set of guidelines for reviewing new work. While certainly not perfect and ultimately a subjective process, these are some of the questions when reviewing potential projects.

Deciding What to Publish
When new projects are submitted, these are the questions we ask:
Does it qualify as high end interior design or architecture?

Is it well crafted?

Is the bulk of the furniture from original makers or are there copies from larger commercial low end stores?

Is there a consistency and harmony to the design?

Was a professional designer or architect contracted for the project?

Was it professionally shot?

Is it a complete design?

Please send up to 12 photos and a brief description of the project, including location, designer/architect information, and any other details you think are relevant. Also please send the photographer’s name so they can be properly credit for their work.

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