Interior Designist– Membership community launching September 20th, 2023.   

Connect with the top high end interior designers, architects and makers throughout the world in a new paid membership community.

Learn insider secrets on how furniture is built and designed, build a career in architecture and interior design, connect with makers and learn how to make things.

Interior Designist community is founded by an architect in New York City who has extensive experience in commercial and residential architecture, two top nyc interior designers, two of the top furniture makers in the world for Christie’s/ Sotheby’s, an upholstery company, an import/distribution/product expert from high end design retail stores, an art appraiser, a home builder and a contractor.

You will not find this type of collective experience and knowledge anywhere else. There are a lot of moving parts in building and selling high end furniture, constructing, designing and renovating a house and no companies in the world that can do all of these together at the highest level.   

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Why are we building this community?

AI – Midjourney can create anything, but most people do not know how to execute on these designs in real life

Fanng – Designers and architects need a vibrant community to support them that is gated and paid

Mass production – The commoditization and mass production of everything in the design world has lead to an extreme drop off in quality with cheaper and cheaper materials being used.  People are being overcharged for junk from many of the large companies, and small businesses are struggling to keep pace. If you care about what you buy AND who you support this is for you.

  • more treasures

  • less stuff

  • more meaning

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