French sculptor and designer Flex Agostini was renown for his fusion of organic textures and shapes into sculptures, furniture and lighting.  Though Agostini passed in 1980, his daughter Dominique became the gatekeeper of his works overseeing their distribution, authenticity and reproductions created by Maison Charles in Paris

These pieces are the perfect example of a signature element which can transform a space into some extraordinary where it is unlikely you will see something similar anywhere else.  Picture is a Paris residence by DC based interior designer Thomas Pheasant featuring the Erato sconces created by Agostini in 1955.  Named after one of the Greek muses, Erato is the muse of love poetry. “Eros” is often depicted in mythology holding a torch or golden arrow, referencing her status as protector. The design Erato sconce embodies these symbols featured alongside a window protecting the space. 

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